Born in Naranjo, Alajuela, and from a three generations family of coffee producers of the best Arabica coffee, in the highlands of Lourdes de Naranjo, at altitudes from 1450 to 1600 m.a.s.l. Specialty coffee.

Consulting / Advisor / Project Management – More or less 16 years ago, she gets involved in the coffee industry, where she has developed, in coordination with her relatives, several micromills like Cafetalera Herbazú, Café sin Límites and Perla del Café. Also, they have supported other micromills in La Zona de la Santos.

Her family represented by Cafetalera Herbazú has gained great recognition for being a model micromill, they have make improvements in the production process of Costa Rican coffee, what lead them to win last year´s first place in Cup of Excellence 2015.

Active member of the Alliance of Women in Costa Rica´s Coffee. AMCCR (for its initials in Spanish)

She participated on a 6 months intership in 2007, at the coffee shop chain Phoenix Coffee (Ohio, Cleveland, USA) Position: – Functions and achievements: To investigate the process of buying green coffee of different origins, as well as the opportunity to obtain training and working as a barista in the coffee shops.

Employee at the Costa Rican Coffee Institute (Icafe for its initials in Spanish) during five years. Responsible for marketing strategy and promotion of coffee nationwide. Among the achievements is the creation of the Training Program: Coffee´s Culture, whose main objective is the dissemination and communication of coffee culture in various sectors, especially, the coffee producing sector.

2013 – Founder and owner of the brand of specialty coffee Kaba Café®. Also of the first Barista, Cupping and Roasting private school in Costa Rica dedicated to training and teaching of these coffee-related disciplines.

Q Grader certified cupper.

National cupper 2014, 2015 and 2016 in Cup of Excellence, and also in 2016 chosen to join the International Jury in Cup of Excellence.

During these three years of foundation of the company, she was chosen by organizations and companies as Foundation Illy coffee and Sustainable Harvest to provide lectures in different events in countries such as Italy, Australia and USA, about the participation or current role of women in the coffee area and how to achieve mayor empowerment in both our producing and consuming countries worldwide, generating economic, social, and political impact.

  • Mission
  • To bring national and international consumers the best coffee in Costa Rica, to train professionals and producers in the various coffee disciplines, and therby promoting and encouraging through training and capacitation the requirements to maximize flavor qualities of the grain from its cultivation until the final cup.
  • Vision
  • To be the leader and benchmark private center in Costa Rica, of education, promotion and marketing of all disciplines in the chain of the coffee world, nationally and internationally, creating a cofee culture in the country which es the producer of a high quality grain recognized as one of the best worldwide.
  • Brand
  • Kaba Café is our registered brand of specialty coffee.
  • Traditional
    Coffee Micromill
  • In our coffee farm we work on each process of the coffee production, from the seed, the grow of the coffee plant, the harvest, the drying process, until the coffee beans are ready: our so called “grano de oro”. We live on daily basis the art of cultivating and processing specialty coffee.
  • Specialty Coffee Tour
  • Experience with us the adventure of walking into a specialty coffee farm discovering the secret behind many aromas and flavors in a cup of coffee.

Awards and Recognition

The family Barrantes Zúñiga has over three generations cultivating coffee specialty, now recognized as one of the best worldwide.